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Studies show that the average American spends an hour a day looking for misplaced items, and Forbes reports that American executives waste an average of 150 hours a year searching for lost information. Disorganization is costly in both time and money. We often wish we had more time – instead, we find more projects to juggle.

A Professional Organizer can help you get projects under control and develop an ongoing organization system that works for you. Getting organized – be it a closet, a cupboard, or a file cabinet – will allow you to be successful in all your endeavors. Janet will help you achieve your goals and relieve you of the clutter that is interfering with your peace of mind. Completing long-overdue projects will allow you to concentrate on advancing in your business or career, promoting your work, and having more time to socialize with your family and friends.

A Professional Organizer can guide you to:

  • confidence
  • peace of mind
  • clarity of thought
  • more leisure time
  • a sense of direction
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • inspiration to move forward in life
  • opportunities to focus on new endeavors

Janet Fishman, J.D., C.P.D.S., C.H.I.C., is an experienced Professional Organizer. She is a member of both the National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals (NAPO) and NAPO’s Los Angeles Chapter as well as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She is also a Certified Photo Manager and a member of  The Photo Managers. Janet is a Certified Paper Document Specialist and Certified Home Inventory Consultant through Family Documap.

Janet specializes in paper management, business, and residential organizing and can help you or your small business get organized and stay on track.

Janet Handling Paper

Janet specializes in paper management!

Don’t let those papers and projects pile up another day!  Don’t juggle them alone! Free your environment and your mind of clutter by calling for a free, no-obligation assessment.

Serving Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties, as well as parts of Orange County, California. 

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